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About our process

At Greystone Alloys, our biggest goal is gaining our suppliers' utmost trust by dealing as fairly as possible and making each transaction as logistically seamless as possible. Our Sure Step™ Process, outlined below, creates transparency with each transaction. This insures that you, our supplier, understand exactly what you are getting and what to expect from dealing with us.

  • 1

    Items are received from carrier.

  • 2

    A record is logged into our data system containing the following information:

    • Seller
    • Date Received
    • Item Received
    • Incoming Weight of Item Received
  • 3

    The material is then separated (if more than one material type) and tested for Alloy and Quality utilizing several techniques and procedures.

  • 4

    Each separate material is then weighed and recorded into our data system.

  • 5

    Settlement is issued to seller based on final weight, material tally and quoted price for material(s).

  • 6

    Payment is made once final settlement is accepted.

  • **Please note these terms and conditions are based on quality of material, the accuracy of material type, and weight of material. Packing slips containing weight, material type(s), and Seller's contact information are required. If there are any discrepancies in the material received and the seller's packing slip, the seller will be notified before payment is issued. Photos available upon request.

About Greystone Alloys

About us

Greystone alloys specializes in processing and recycling of high temperature alloys such inconel, hastelloys, stellites, and other nickel/cobalt alloys. We purchase quantities from our industrial clients and other scrap recyclers, then process and grade materials to specifications for our specialty buyers and foundries. Scrap metal recycling in Houston has many different sources such as oil/gas job shops, petrochemical plants, power generation and aerospace.

All these industries require alloys that can survive under high stress conditions; including high temperature and corrosive and erosive environments. Alloys received containing multiple alloys will be purchased for Nickel or Cobalt containment, whichever is greater. All metals received are individually graded with our XLF Niton analyzer.