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Tantalum Scrap

As a high melting point metal, Tantalum possesses a low vapor pressure and good electrical and thermal conductivity up to very high temperature. The advantages of Tantalum are excellent corrosion resistance, high high-temperature strength, good machinability and good biocompatibility.

Tantalum and Ta-Alloy are mainly used for Heat Exchangers, Shell and Tube Heaters, Bayonet Heaters, Condensers, vessel liners, Sputtering Targets, Cathode Protection Systems for steel structures such as bridges, water tanks, Corrosion Resistant Fasteners, High Temperature Furnace Parts, Nuclear Reactors, Aircraft and Missile Parts.

Greystone Alloys accumulates smaller quantities of Tantalum and other nickel alloys combining them into larger orders for processors and mills.

Tantalum finds application in: